Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Ghana

  • Should I trust an online business?
    We are a registered exporter, originated from Japan and from there on proliferating and expanding our business to numerous countries including Zimbabwe, Uganda, Botswana, Mozambique etc. All these countries are where our regional offices are located. Besides, our online stores of numerous countries are also working 24*7 catering to our clients and selling the agricultural machinery in unmatched quality. Our aim is to not only deliver the desired article but also to deliver trust and reliance to ensure that our relations with you stay forever. You can also check our testimonials for further verification where our clients have poured their hearts out because of our unmatched customer service that they have experienced.

    Are the farm implements easy to operate?
    The farm implements that are up for sale in Ghana are extremely user-friendly and when mounted onto our Massey Ferguson tractors in Ghana, can perform the desired function with much ease and quite swiftly as well.

    Which tractors are suitable for heavy towing and lifting in Ghana?
    Usually, larger tractors such as MF 275 and MF 375 with higher horsepower particularly 85hp and above are able to tow and lift great quantity of weights in tons and therefore they are best suited for this purpose especially in Ghana.

    Do you deal in used tractors and farm implements? What is the condition of used products?
    Yes we do deal in used and refurbished tractors however the farm implements that are put up for sale are absolutely in brand new condition. Also, the used and refurbished tractors that are put up for sale are thoroughly scrutinized before being displayed online.

    Which currency do you accept for transaction purposes in Ghana?
    We generally accept the local country currency of Ghana however USD is also acceptable.

    What if I need a tractor or farm implement urgently?
    If you are a local client, the delivery can be made quicker, but for that extra charges will be required and as far as international clients are concerned, the shipment takes longer to arrive.

    Which mode of payment is accepted by you in Ghana?
    In Ghana, we accept all the payments made via telegraphic transfer done through bank when a pro forma invoice is sent to you. Besides, for the local clients payment made via cash or credit cards is also acceptable at our regional offices.

    For which functions compact and subcompact tractors are used in Ghana?
    In Ghana, compact and sub-compact tractors are used for multiple agricultural functions such as gardening, landscaping, mowing, mining and gardening. The performance of these tractors is enhanced manifold when they are attached to the compatible farm implements.